International Interns’ Day 2022

On 10th November 2022, the Fair Internship Initiative hosted its annual event to celebrate International Interns’ Day. This year, International Interns’ Day focused on the global cost of living crisis, taking a deeper look into how UN interns are faring under the increased cost of living.  The Fair Internship Initiative shared the results of itsContinue reading “International Interns’ Day 2022”

Intern Board Congress 2022

On 15th of June, the Fair Internship Initiative has organized its annual Intern Board Congress to provide a platform for interns across the UN system to get to know each other, share best practices and talk about possible collaborations to improve internship programs across within multilateral system. The focus of this year’s Intern Board CongressContinue reading “Intern Board Congress 2022”

What are the best (and the worst) UN entities for internships?

Our Fairness Index draws on data collected from interns across the UN System to transparently and systematically score and rank UN organisations according to the quality and inclusiveness of their internship programmes. We are pleased to present an updated Quality Index, based on the responses to our 2021 UN-wide intern survey. Please click here toContinue reading “What are the best (and the worst) UN entities for internships?”


It should be noted, however, that this failure is not due to our discussions on interns (we were very close to an agreement, in particular with the G77 which was very committed on the subject) but because of ‘too wide’ discrepancy on the rest of the items on the agenda.


A report published by the Fair Internship Initiative (FII) finds that the current UN internship system is deficient. Lack of financial support for interns leads to less socio-economic diversity. FII put forward a number of recommendations for a reform of the UN internship system, and it starts with paying interns.


The report provides a comprehensive overview of the reality of UN internships, with special focus on  the impact of COVID-19. On December 4, 2020, in the context of the celebrations for International Interns’ Day, the Fair Internship Initiative (FII) will present the latest independent report on UN internships (2019-2020). The report provides a comprehensive overviewContinue reading “2020 UN INTERNSHIP REPORT RELEASED ON INTERNATIONAL INTERNS’ DAY”

Fair Internship Initiative’s position statement on CEB/2020/HLCM/13

The Fair Internship Initiative (FII) wishes to share with HLCM members its comments and  concerns about the Interim Report of the CEB Task Force on the Future of the United Nations  System Workforce and the impact this may have on interns.   We have expressed on several occasions our deep concerns regarding the negative impacts that Continue reading “Fair Internship Initiative’s position statement on CEB/2020/HLCM/13”


27.07.2020 Français PLUS DE 1 000 MEMBRES DU PERSONNEL ET STAGIAIRES DE L’ONU DEMANDENT INSTAMMENT AU CHEF DE L’ONU DE S’ABSTENIR D’INTRODUIRE DES STAGES PERMANENTS À DISTANCE NON RÉMUNÉRÉS Dans une lettre ouverte au Secrétaire général, ils critiquent cette proposition, qu’ils considèrent comme un pas vers une inégalité accrue au sein d’un programme de stagesContinue reading “COMMUNIQUÉ DE PRESSE – PRESS RELEASE”

FII Speech – Women Strike

2020 is only half way through and we already know it is one for the history books. An unprecedented pandemic has uprooted our daily lives and what we consider “normal”.  We have seen how quickly the world can mobilise to adjust “business as usual” to accommodate newly widespread necessities. Some of the resulting new practices hadContinue reading “FII Speech – Women Strike”