Congratulations to Mr. Guterres!

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The Fair Internship Initiative wishes to congratulate Mr. António Guterres for becoming the new United Nations Secretary-General! We count on him to do as he told us few months ago when asked about unpaid internships at the UN:

“I hope that there will be a consensus in the membership, namely the 5th committee, to look seriously into that and to create more opportunities to people from the global South […] I think this is essential for the effectiveness of the UN and the perception it has. I will be very much attentive to that

Watch the full declaration of Mr. Guterres (question starts at 55’10):



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On 31 December 2016 Ban Ki-moon is due to end his term in office, and the race for the new UN Secretary General has started. In a move to increase the transparency of the selection process, the UN has allowed for the first time to ask questions to the candidates during public hearings. In an age marked by high youth unemployment and rising inequalities, the UN will have to take the lead in the global effort to achieve the challenges enshrined in the Sustainable Development Goals.

However, the new SG will have to come to terms with the UN’s own unpaid internship policy, which results in discrimination of disadvantaged youth and hinders diversity in the organization. We have asked the candidates about their position on the issue, and rated their response accordingly. Click the following link to find out more about their answers:



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